Application to TMFC

Membership info

Memberships runs per calendar year

From 1st January to 31st December
Current standard membership for an adult joining Tendring Model Flying Club is

New Member fee £170
( £150 for membership plus £20 new member fee)

Existing member renewing
(£150 for membership)

If you wish the club to handle you BMFA insurance then that cost will also need to be added. 
BMFA for 2019 is £38 (Adult) and £13 (Family Junior)

Club membership is currently limited to a maximum of 40 members. This ensures that the club is not too busy and people have a chance to fly.

Please complete the application form for membership of our club
Full address including postcode please
Please confirm your contact email address
Mobile or Home number (or Both)
If you already belong to the BMFA - please provide your membership number
Please use this to add anymore info or if you would like to add a second membership - just add the same info here

By submitting this information you agree that the club can hold the information on file for future communication and use the information with the BMFA.

Payments can be made directly to our Bank Account
For security purposes please contact Paul Ellmer the account information.


Cheques can be sent to:-
Paul Ellmer
43 Larksfield Crescent
CO12 4BL

Please make payable to Tendring Model Flying Club


Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal to Paul Ellmers account.
Funds will then be transferred to our TMFC Bank Account

Click following links to make payments directly via PayPal

If you have the funds in your PayPal account then the following links should be used.

Without Paypal Fee

With PayPal Fee added on

If you are paying with PayPal and sourcing the payment via a credit or bank card then use the below links, These amounts include the PayPal transaction fee of 3.4% plus £0.20

Include notes on payment or email me.


For security purpose please contact Paul for bank details.

New Members

All new members are on probation for the first 3 months.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the club rules and the BMFA guide. 

TMFC Regulations and Safety

TMFC Constitution

Only part of the website is available to non-members.  Upon joining you will be given a login to our site.

Membership fees are non-refundable